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Aurora Sunu Mizan Practitioner

Aurora Sunu


Mizan Practitioner

Aurora is a Somatic Sex Coach, Holistic Pelvic Care Guide, and Bodywork Therapist.

She specialises in working with those that have experienced sexual trauma and subsequent pelvic pain and dysfunction.

Aurora believes that healing sexual trauma, shame and pelvic pain is blood, breath and bone work. To come home to your body, sexuality, and pelvic temple is a mythic poetic, and somatic journey. It is the compassionate and full sensory remembrance of your essence as always whole, sacred and wildly alive.

"In Hebrew, the word womb is derived from the root of the waters of compassion. For me, Mizan Womb Therapy as womb work is nervous system work, it is the slow and artful tending of your cyclical tides, rites and transitions, and all that is in compassion."


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