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Farzana Umar

Farzana Umar

Mizan Practitioner
Mizan Fertility Practitioner
Mizan Pregnancy and Post Natal Practitioner
13 Mizan Moons


I love Mizan Therapy and other holistic therapies. I have a keen interest in helping women’s health and well-being. I have a First Class Honours Degree and Masters Degree, a Diploma in Aromatherapy, Diploma in Meridian Psychotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (L1&2), Mizan Practitioner, Mizan Pregnancy and Postnatal, Fire Cupping, Moving Massage Fire Cupping, Hijama, Energy and Emotional Healing. I have a keen interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and have completed short courses in Chinese Herbal Medicine and am currently a student in Tibb Herbal Medicine. I love how the mind-body is connected in all ancient healing traditions and how organs are connected to our emotional well-being.

For me, Mizan is so much more than just ‘womb healing’, I feel it helps bring the body back into balance physically and emotionally. It helps women reconnect with their own innate power of self-healing and inner strength. It allows women to become more in-tune and intuitive to their bodies and what their bodies telling us. I hope you allow me to take you through a Mizan healing journey. Looking forward to connecting with you. Peace and Love. Farzana x

Website : www.naturallywellbeing.co.uk


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