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Meenaz Khan

Meenaz Khan

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A holistic approach of Mizan By Meenaz

My name is Meenaz Khan and I'm based in East London Manor park.

I have been in holistic therapies from last five years. I'm a qualified Mizan and Cupping therapist. I also practice Master Tung Acupuncture and Blood letting, Gua Sha, fire cupping, moving cupping, Lymphatic drainage massage and Closing of the Bones massage.

I run a small business of organic herbal capsules, made on order to maximise the freshness and long shelf life.

I love serving to others and can't hold back if I see any one suffering with health issues. I believe Health is Wealth and it's compulsory on every human being to look after themselves and seek a cure. I also strongly believe that every illness has its cure, it's all about how committed and motivated we are.

I love Mizan as it is a forgotten therapy which used to be practiced generation after generation in far East Asia (India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia). It brings an amazing healing, peace of mind, muscle relaxation, balance the body, elevate the mood, unblock the Lymphatic and Circulatory system, biidhnillah (with Allah's command). List is very long ....Take care of your health before sickness approach you.

If you are interested, leave an email or text message me and I'll get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Phone : 07956353473


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