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Rosa Davies

Rosa Davies

Mizan Practitioner
Mizan Advanced Practitioner
Pregnancy and Post Natal Practitioner
Mizan 13 Moons


I first trained as Mizan practitioner in 2017 and have since completed the  Pregnancy and Postnatal Practitioner training, Advanced Practitioner training, 13 Mizan Moons and I'm also a Wombspace Workshop facilitator.

I am passionate about supporting women of all ages in their reproductive health through the various stages of their lives from menarche (first period) to menopause and beyond.

As someone who used to experience a lot of debilitating symptoms with every period I understand what a huge impact this can have on our lives. It was a revelation when I found out that periods didn't have to be painful and I've been on a quest to understand menstrual health and help others ever since.

I’ve been working with expectant parents and their partners through pregnancy, birth and postnatally since 2007 – running pregnancy yoga and postnatal classes, birth preparation workshops, as a Doula and offering treatments. It's wonderful to be able to offer Mizan to help ease many pregnancy symptoms and as a nurturing postnatal treatment.

I have trained in Womb Yoga, Scar tissue Release, Postnatal Recovery Massage and I’m currently training to be a Myofascial Release practitioner.

If you would like to see how I can help you please get in touch.

Phone: 07837 218374
Website: www.labouroflove.me.uk


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