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Sumaiyyah Bharuchi

Sumaiyyah Bharuchi

Mizan Practitioner

Hello and welcome, my name is Sumaiyyah and I am a trained Mizan therapist.

Mizan: the Arabic meaning of this word is ‘balance’ 

A type of massage therapy that has many health benefits. This therapy will allow yourself to connect with your body spiritually, emotionally and physically and simply feel balanced, whole and healed. 

The first time I had this therapy practiced on me, I came out feeling like a complete different woman. I did not realise how much emotional baggage I was holding onto and this therapy really helped me release everything. I am so happy I made the choice to become a mizan therapist because now I can help women the way I was helped. 

This therapy requires a consultation before receiving the massage, this is a strictly confidential consultation where you are allowed to open up and spill all your worries and stresses and as I like to say, let go. Let go and free your body 🤍

I have recently launched my own business called Peace Be With You and here is where I offer a range of other therapies where you can find more information on my instagram page @peacebewithyoutherapies

I offer mobile services as well, please contact to discuss further. 

Phone: 07507133327


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