Light and shade rebozo


The traditions of using the rebozo are handed down from mother to daughter and midwife to midwife. They include carrying a baby, relaxing mothers and helping with baby positioning in pregnancy and labour, carrying groceries and, most especially, ceremonies for important passages of women’s lives.

PLEASE SEE CLOSE UP PHOTOS. There are a couple of loose threads so we are selling this at the discounted price of £25. We see nothing that will affect the use, it’s purely cosmetic and not up to the usual high standard.

Standard length, 2 metres

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A rebozo is traditionally a Mexican shawl, used for many purposes, including carrying babies, as well as being used to help support women during the birthing process.

Traditionally Midwives, Mothers and Doulas around the world use the rebozo to wrap around the pregnant mother in a way that serves as a support to her during labour.

It can be a helpful aid during pregnancy for comfort and baby positioning, in labour and much used post birth for Sacred Wrapping and Closing the Bones. Not to mention that it makes a great shawl.

These rebozos are very high quality, woven in a traditional rhomboid pattern by hand in Mexico.

Approximately 2m long and 65cm wide, made of 100% cotton.