The Mizan Foundation

The Mizan Foundation is the umbrella organisation for all things Mizan and will include outreach education, campaigns, a training bursary and Mizan practitioner standards.

The Foundation is guided by the Fulcrum, a group of practitioners dedicated to keeping the essence of Mizan burning brightly through growth and transformation.

The Mizan Foundation will ensure high standards of practice and will benefit practitioners and clients.

Membership for the first year after training will be covered by your course fees.

Of course, you can do the training and then go off and do your thing, and that will be fine. You will, however, not enjoy the benefits of membership:

  • Extended Mizan practitioner profile on the website
  • Use of the Mizan logo on publicity material and website
  • On-going support from Bushra and all the Mizan sisters
  • Membership of the Mizan practitioner forum for discussion and support
  • Membership discounts on courses and workshops
  • Practitioner prices for Mizan Botanicals
  • Access to mentoring after the first 3 months
  • Mizan postcards for publicity
  • Paid-for stands at festivals and fairs to promote Mizan
  • Quarterly newsletters

You can find more information about the Mizan Foundation here.