Level 1: Wombspace Workshop

Wombspace is all about reclaiming connection and self-care. You can do this workshop as a stand alone course for self healing, or use it as a starting point for going on to practitioner training.

It is a practical and experiential workshop, with loads of ideas to help you heal yourself physically and emotionally. We start with a guided visualisation to connect you to your wombspace, followed by information on wombspace health, diet and lifestyle. You will learn how to do womb wrapping, castor oil packs, yoni steaming and an easy self massage – your health literally in your own hands.

Find out more about Wombspace Workshops here.

Level 2: Mizan Practitioner training

Mizan training is much more than learning massage techniques. Our aim is to build a sisterhood of womb healers, and are doing so very successfully with a diversity of religions, beliefs, nationalities that we are proud of. We arrive at the course as strangers and part as family.

On successful completion of Mizan Practitioner training you will be fully qualified to perform Mizan on yourself and others.

Find out more about Mizan Practitioner Training here.

Level 3: Mizan Advanced training (Practitioners only)

Following Mizan Practitioner Training many practitioners are happy to stick with that and there is certainly no obligation to do further training. But for those who want a deeper connection with Mizan and the sisterhood, not to mention a few extra techniques there is Advanced training.

Find out more about Mizan Advanced Training here.

Mizan Pregnancy and Post Natal training

Pregnancy and Post Natal training is for those who want to work with women during pregnancy through to post-birth. This training is open to Mizan Practitioners as well as other therapists who have experience of hands-on work.

Find out more about Mizan Pregnancy and Postnatal Training here.

Mizan Male Practitioner Training

This course is only for men to enable those whose beliefs place boundaries on physical touch between the sexes to fully participate, as well as those men who do not wish to work with women.

All the male trainings will be facilitated by Bushra and working alongside her will be her husband Shabaaz, who has trained in Mizan.

Find out more about Mizan Practitioner Training for men here.

Mizan Fertility Training (Practitioners only)

For existing Mizan Practitioners who would like to be able to offer foundational support for couples with fertility challenges and couples going through assisted reproduction.

Find out more about Mizan Fertility Training here.

13 Mizan Moons

13 Mizan Moons is a 13 month journey following the cycles and seasons, each gathering will be a reflection of the energetics of that particular cycle. Throughout the course there will be opportunities for you to explore topics more deeply and then present what you have found to the group.

All the gatherings will be online, apart from the Advanced Training, which is an optional part of 13 Mizan Moons.

Find out more about Mizan 13 Moons here.

Wombspace Online Facilitator Training (Practitioners only)

Training for practitioners wanting to facilitate the Wombspace Online Workshop. You need to meet the experience requirements, attend the online training and present an Online Wombspace Workshop with Bushra observing.

Find out more about online training here

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