The Wombspace Workshop is available either online or in person.

The online workshop is two 2-hour live sessions, and the in person workshop will be a day.

Either way, it is primarily a practical and experiential workshop where you will learn lots of ways to heal yourself physically and emotionally. You will learn the best way to perform castor oil packs, pelvic steaming and womb wrapping. There will be a guided visualisation and a short and easy self care massage to learn – your health literally in your own hands.

Wombspace Workshop

The number of places available is limited to ensure that all participants get time for personalised information and advice. If there is a specific issue that you would like me to address please include it on the registration form.

You will receive a comprehensive information pack as well as everything to put the workshop information into practice.

The Wombspace Workshop is a requirement for attending practitioner training.

Find dates and book online here.


Outline for the workshop 

  • Introduction to Mizan Therapy
  • Overview of how womb position affects health
  • Guidelines on diet and lifestyle for menstrual health
  • A guide to menstrual charting
  • Womb wrapping
  • Castor oil packs : the healing properties of externally applied castor oil and how best to use them
  • Pelvic steaming and how it can help
  • Guided visualisation to connect with your womb
  • Simple self massage routine

“Bushra’s womb workshop has transformed my menstrual cycle – from the end of crushing pain on day one, which I had experienced for twenty years, to being able to plan my life in accordance with my cycle, which has brought me so much more  energy and wellness.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the workshop; I thought I was already thoroughly knowledgable about my womb and about general menstruation, and I thought perhaps I would simply come away having had a pleasant day, with a few extra tips.

How wrong I was! What we focussed on during the workshop has stayed with me and continued to effect my menstrual health and wider life for several years afterwards. I have continually taken steps over this time to deepen my understanding of  my own unique cycle, and to protect my menstrual health as much as possible.

In the workshop I attended in 2014 Bushra mentioned four specific things that could contribute to period pain.  I remember thinking: ‘this is wild – there is no way I can change any of those particular things, I am so used to habitually doing or having all of them, and they help to keep my periods hidden away from others’. Fast forward three years: and now, at age 40, I have almost no discomfort at all during any of my very regular and predictable moderate cycle, and I realised with a big smile the other week that I now incorporate every single one of Bushra’s ‘impossible’ suggestions into my life.

Bushra herself is the perfect teacher: exceptionally wise, deeply experienced, accepting, empathic, understanding and  endlessly patient and kind.

Will Bushra’s workshop change your whole life overnight? – possibly not. Will it imbed into you information, suggestions, encouragement and support which ultimately changes your perspective and approach to your entire menstrual health, and from there lead to holistic change in more of your life – very possibly. It’s one of the best workshops I have ever done” – JRD

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