Mizan dreaming

Nourish and Nurture online circle The future is femaleDo you need to restore balance? Do you crave the comfort of women who understand? Do you have the capacity to hear others?

We understand that sometimes you want to be able to turn up exactly as you are, unfiltered and simply be heard by others who understand. To give and receive the comfort, nourishment and nurturing that can sometimes be lacking in your life.

Whether you realise it or not, your womb stores life experiences. As well as the individual experiences of each of us, there is the collective womb that binds all women with a golden thread, weaving cumulative experiences from the individual experiences of each woman.

Join our online circle which will take place every two months. Begin to reclaim what was taken or given away and weave a new story for yourself and the collective.

Let’s pass the torch between us and onto those who are to come.