“13 Mizan moons has been an amazing journey, it has helped me to build up my confidence as a practitioner and also I feel I have much more knowledge and the dots have connected. Another great thing has been connecting with other practitioners in a regular basis and learn from each other. I would recommend any Mizan sister to embark in this journey as part of their Mizan training.”

13 Mizan Moons is a year long training following the cycles and seasons, taking a deep dive into many of the issues we are addressing with the women with whom we work. The topics covered will aid personal development as well as deepening what you are able to offer others.

All gatherings are on the Sunday closest to the new moon. Starting in Spring, we will follow the seasons and cycles of the year, each gathering will be a reflection of the energetics of that particular season.

All the gatherings will be online, apart from the Advanced Training, which is an optional part of 13 Mizan Moons. I’m hoping that most of you will opt in, to continue your online journey into physical gathering and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood. Those including Mizan Advanced will be able to take advantage of a special price in recognition of your commitment to increasing and deepening your knowledge and connection.

March : Spring/Starting the journey
Introduction to the year. Exploring charting, you will receive a copy of Full Circle Health by Lucy Pearce to work with throughout our journey. The energetics of Spring and how best to work with your spring energy and support yourself in this season.

April : Mizan Botanicals
An in-depth look at the individual herbs of the Botanicals products, how and when to use Botanicals. I will be sending out seeds for you to grow with instructions on how to make oils and creams from the flowers.

May : Fertility, session 1
A deep look at fertility issues in both women and men, how to address these with diet, lifestyle and Mizan. Also looking at IVF and how to work with clients who are having fertility treatment. You will be invited to make your own investigations into an aspect of fertility which you will present to the group in the next session.

June : Summer/Fertility, session 2
The second session on fertility when you will get your opportunity to shine, presenting the results of your exploration to the group. We will also be looking at the energetics of Summer and how best to support yourself through this season.

July : Understanding cervical nectar (Guest presenter)
We will have a guest presenter to guide us through the fascinating world of cervical nectar.

August : Pelvic Steaming
In depth look at pelvic steaming, a detailed guide to how, when, why, getting the best out of steaming for various conditions. You can choose from one of the Mizan Botanicals blends to try for yourself.

September : Autumn/Pelvic health (Guest presenter)
Understanding pelvic health, for your own benefit as well as great information for you to share with clients. We will also be looking at the energetics of Autumn and how you can best support yourself as the days grow shorter and colder.

October : Menopause (Guest presenter)
We will be joined by a guest presenter to take a look at peri-menopause, menopause.

November : Trauma (Guest presenter)
This gathering’s guest presenter will guide you through how best to help your clients who have been affected by trauma.

December and January 2024 : Winter/Endo/PCOS/Adenomyosis/Fibroids
We will look at the energetics of winter and how you can best navigate this season. This will lead us into the “winter” conditions which we will look at in depth, learning specific ways of how to address them with diet, lifestyle and the best use of castor oil packs and pelvic steaming. You will be invited to do some exploration of an aspect of winter that particularly interests you, and present to the group in our second session.

February : Advanced Training
Join us at The Tree for a week of being nurtured, nourished and learn some new techniques. There will be peer support for your challenging clients or situations. There is a menarche ceremony – and we make wombs!

March : Checking out
A round up of our journey through the year’s 13 moons.

All gatherings begin on Sunday mornings at 10am, each session has its own timing of between two and four hours (we have a short break every hour). We will do out best to keep to the schedule above, but occasionally need to be re-scheduled due to the availability of presenters.

“The 13 Mizan Moons. When I think about it, the first thing that comes to mind is how I’m looking forward to catching up with Bushra and the lovely Mizanis every month for a whole year! It has been so much fun, very interesting, lots of knowledge and understanding.” Pilar

“So far we have come together to share knowledge, reflect on experiences and our practice and gain new knowledge and insights with the guiding hand of Bushra. Looking deeper into the health issues and how best to facilitate and promote healing in those who access Mizan has made a difference in the way I practise. It has given me a more solid knowledge base to work from and opened up new ideas for me to run my business, and boosted confidence to work with herbs and other Mizan tools for wellness.” Hannah

“Mizan Moons has been a great way to connect on an intimate level with other practitioners I’ve not previously worked with. Gaining in-depth knowledge, sharing experiences and research is invaluable.” Manie

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