Mizan Advanced Practitioner Training is as much for your personal development and progression as a practitioner as the extra benefits that you will bring to clients. Only consider coming onto the advanced training when you feel ready to take that next step.

We will focus on building on your current knowledge and skills to improve your practice. This will include discussions, review of case studies, review of techniques, new techniques, personal and professional development.

Mizan Advanced Practitioner Training

You will need to have completed a minimum of 39 case studies to attend. It’s surprising how many bad habits are picked up and advanced training gives you a chance to rectify this and refine your techniques. Mizan is organic and evolves over time, and this is the course where you will keep up to date with the latest techniques and developments.

About the course

Mizan Advanced Practitioner Training will be over five days.

  • Refining techniques
  • New techniques that will bring extra benefits for your clients
  • In depth information about Mizan Botanicals
  • Peer review of case studies. If you have had any case studies that you have found particularly challenging you will have an opportunity to talk to Bushra privately.
  • Menarche ceremony
  • Womb making
  • Personal and professional development
  • Individual assessment of your techniques
  • Heart circle peer assessment
  • EFT with Lena Mackenzie for personal or professional development

After successful completion you will be a Mizan Therapist (Advanced).

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