Mizan Practitioner Training“This is a transformative course. The extent of experiential learning, information, wisdom and practice that happens within a week is immense, and the entire experience is wrapped in a warmth, acceptance and shared connection with the other participants rarely felt in any other learning environment. It is a safe place to stretch your own skills, insight and self-awareness to a level which surprises even you by the end of it”.

All practitioner trainings are facilitated by Bushra with the help of one or two training assistants. Dates for upcoming training courses can be found here.

Mizan is sacred work. It is a calling. It is a desire to be of service to women. It is not for everyone.

Women are blessed to have wombs, through which all new life is brought. Everyone is born from a womb. We have the ability to reproduce the species. And yet for too many, having a womb has become anything but a blessing. Women suffer from excessive bleeding, irregular bleeding, PCOS, endometriosis, fertility problems… all of which lead us to curse our womanhood rather than celebrate it.

Mizan practitioners have the skills to help transform the lives of women: emotionally, physically and spiritually. We are truly fortunate to be able to serve women and humanity.

Wombs are a sacred space and as practitioners we honour this. This means that we are working not only with the physical and emotional bodies, but also with the spiritual, not necessarily in the religious sense (although if practitioner and client beliefs coincide then we may find ourselves working at that level) but walking alongside women from many backgrounds, who hold different beliefs and we do so in sisterhood, with love and without judgement.

There is some online theory (reading and viewing) to cover in the run up to Mizan Practitioner Training, leaving us free to enjoy a week of massaging and being massaged!  You will feel very nurtured and will leave feeling refreshed and renewed. I believe that to heal others you need first to heal yourself and the course facilitates a lot of self-healing.

Courses are always small, to enable true connections with the other women, forming deep bonds of sisterhood. Alongside Bushra, the founder there will be one or two assistants. This gives a high trainer-student ratio, so you get all the practical support you need.

There will be some pre-course online work to prepare you for the week of practical training, and some post-course work to finish with. Your practical massage skills will be assessed at the end of the week. In all it will be at around 150 hours of study and practical experience.

Your training fees include a year’s membership of the Mizan Foundation, formed to keep standards high to protect practitioners and clients. Membership gives you access to our practitioner forum, free mentoring, discounted courses, practitioner prices for Mizan Botanical herbal products and lots more. It also gives you rights to use the Mizan logo.

What does the course cover?

  • Learning how to best look after your own womb health
  • Online pre-course module
  • Anatomy and physiology of the pelvis
  • A new way to think about menstrual cycles and menstrual health
  • Causes of menstrual pain, heavy bleeding, fibroids, endometriosis
  • Fertility problems
  • Safely performing Mizan on clients
  • Releasing tension in the sacrum
  • Releasing tension in the diaphragm
  • Aiding and supporting emotional release
  • Knowing when and how to use castor oil packs, pelvic steaming and womb wrapping
  • Herbal formulations for women’s and men’s health and healing
  • Guided visualisations for wombspace health and healing
  • Some simple EFT to use for yourself and clients

What does the course give you?

  • A burning desire to improve women’s health – one womb at a time
  • A comprehensive course manual
  • All the paperwork you need as a Mizan practitioner
  • First year’s membership of the Mizan Foundation
  • Four months of mentoring while working on case studies
  • Support of Bushra and other practitioners via the Mizan Forum
  • Facebook practitioner page
  • Reduced prices on Mizan Botanicals

Who is this course for?

Absolutely anyone who wants to learn womb work, woman to woman support and healing. No previous experience is needed.

If you are already working in women’s health you will greatly benefit from this course. Doulas, midwives, yoga teachers, acupuncturists, well women practitioners…. all will gain some fantastic new resources, skills and perspectives.

Are there any pre-requisites to training?

You will need to have attended the Wombspace Workshop within one year of attending Mizan practitioner training.

Are there any post-course requirements?

The week of practical training will train you in techniques to work with women’s reproductive and emotional health. To become a full Mizan Practitioner you will need to complete the training:

  • Submitting twelve case studies within 16 weeks of finishing the course
  • Attending an assessment within 26 weeks

On successful completion you will be awarded a certificate of completion stating that you are a qualified Mizan Practitioner and can choose to be included on the Mizan Practitioner listing on the website.

What is the course like?

There’s an article describing the ethos of Mizan practitioner training here.

If you have any queries, or would like more information about Mizan practitioner training, please email info@mizantherapy.com.


Please note: Although I trained with Rosita Arvigo in 2003, I am NOT teaching the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMATTM).

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