The Wombspace Workshop is primarily a practical and experiential workshop, you will learn lots of ways to heal yourself physically and emotionally. You will be given tools such as the faja for abdominal binding, castor oil pack, herbs for a vaginal steam, a uterine meditation as well as instructions in a short and easy self care massage – your health literally in your own hands.

Wombspace Workshop

The number of places available is limited to ensure that all participants get time for personalised information and advice. If there is a specific issue that you would like me to address please let me know.

You will be given a comprehensive information pack as well castor oil, herbs, womb wrap, a copy of the meditation and self care massage for you to continue the journey to self healing. In fact, everything is included that you need to go home and put the workshop information into practice.




Outline for the day 

  • Introduction to Mizan Therapy
  • Overview of how uterine position affects health
  • Guidelines on diet and lifestyle for menstrual health
  • Womb wrapping – when and how to bind the abdomen
  • Castor oil packs –  the healing properties of externally applied castor oil
  • Vaginal steam – how steaming can help the cleansing process
  • A guided uterine meditation
  • Self care massage instructions
  • A personal assessment of uterine position


Your wombspace health firmly in your own hands – Upcoming workshop dates here.