Ramadan and menstrual changes

Ramadan and Menstruation The month of Ramadan is nearly here. Ramadan is a time of special significance for Muslims all around the world. The focus is often on food, when you can eat, when you stop eating, what to break the fast with and the most sustaining foods to eat in the morning to sustain you for the day. But … Read More

The trouble with Stevia

The trouble with Stevia Mizan Therapy

Because stevia is natural, it is often seen as a good substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners, but all may not be as it seems. In fact, stevia should be treated with caution because there is evidence that it has endocrine-disrupting properties. Steviol glycosides have a steroid hormone structure. Examples of steroid hormones are cortisol, testosterone, progesterone and estrogen. So, … Read More

A natural approach to bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is an inflammation of the vagina or vulva. It tends to be caused by the overgrowth of a group of bacteria.  If you prefer to deal with your health issues holistically, there are some natural treatments that might help. Causes and symptoms BV can affect women and girls. The vagina’s natural mucous helps to keep the tissue … Read More

Boosting oestrogen

Boosting Oestrogen Apart from menopause, it is more common for women to suffer from high rather than low oestrogen. However, some women do suffer with low oestrogen without being menopausal. If your oestrogen levels are low, you may have similar symptoms to those of menopause, such as hot flushes, night sweats, aches and pains in the joints, irritability, low mood, … Read More

Warm comforts for autumn and winter

The cycle of seasons bring their own qualities. This repeating cycle gives us a predictability enabling us to prepare for what is coming. Spring brings the warming rains; summer the heat of the sun; autumn is the shedding of leaves, the start of withdrawal; winter is hibernation, a time to save energy. Knowing and working with the qualities of each … Read More

Please take part in our survey

Many of the Mizan practitioners have been reporting disruptions to menstrual cycles since March 2020. Some women who were regular have become irregular, some are experiencing heavier bleeds, often with clots. Others have not seen any change. We have decided to carry out a survey to try and assess the effects that having Covid and vaccinations may have had on … Read More

Is Mizan training available online?

I am frequently asked if Mizan practitioner training is available as an online course. a lot, even more so since the lockdown.  Mizan is not simply learning a series of massage techniques but an immersive five day experience. This is why Mizan trainings are residential, and why we cannot offer it online. To offer Mizan to your clients, you need … Read More

Sperm as a factor in miscarriage

Sperm as a factor in miscarriages Even though men contribute half the genetic material, they are often left out of the picture once a pregnancy occurs. So if the pregnancy comes to an early end with miscarriage or recurrent pregnancy loss, the focus is mainly on the woman. Carrying a baby to term is thought of as a female issue, … Read More

End to tampon tax is not an end to period poverty

There’s still more work needed to period poverty For most of us, menstruation is a monthly event. For some of you it may pass by without much thought, for others it may be the herald of discomfort; it may be a blessing or a trial. But there are some women for whom menstruation is a complicated event because they cannot … Read More

Covid-19 : Are we all in the same boat?

I keep reading articles stating that we’re all in the same boat. But we’re not are we? Some are in huge ocean liners, luxurious and not given to much battering by the waves. Other boats are less sea-worthy and are severely buffeted by the winds. Then there are others that are sinking. It seems to me that it would be … Read More