I dream of women in their authentic feminine power, in balance, whole, in womb-heart connection, the deepest knowing of what was, what is, and what ought to be.

Mizan dreaming

The womb is a sacred place from which we all came into this world, the creative power at the centre of our being. True connection to the womb allows for healing, of ourselves, and up and down the generations.

Mizan began as a dream; from light, almost imperceptible flutterings in my womb that grew stronger, filtering up through my heart, reaching my intellectual consciousness, manifesting into the world.

To realise a dream, you must have a dream to realise. I had the dream, and the realisation was scary, taking me out of the comfortable, sweet, secret place of my imagination. It was laying out my soul for all to see; it was hard work and vulnerability, and there were times I wanted nothing more than to push this creation back to the womb from which it had emanated.

And what a birthing it has become! Beyond anything I could have imagined. A sisterhood of womb workers, nourishing each other, holding, walking beside each other; shining a light when the way is dark, hearing the stories that are whispered, healing wounds, cherishing hopes and dreams; always loving, nurturing and supporting.

Anyone can organise a training course, but transformational knowledge is different. Mizan is deep soul work, it is inspiring others to dive into themselves, to draw on their experience and add to the transmitted knowledge and learn that which is not yet known. It honours everyone and their life journey to date, and brings us together to build a body of knowledge that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Mizan is transmission, transaction and transformation. Transmission, because a certain amount of information needs to be passed on; transaction, creating interaction with the learning in order to construct new knowledge, and then transformation, creating the potential to transform on many different levels: cognitive, emotional, intuitive, creative and spiritual.

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