Cough mixture

It’s worth remembering in these uncertain and panicky times that there are still normal coughs and colds around. Not all flu is the c-word.

The best way to protect yourself from any bugs that are going the rounds is to boost your immune system: lots of rest, good food and plenty of fluids. Stress and anxiety definitely lower the body’s ability to fight off nasties, so take the precautions you need that will help you to feel safer and that you’ve done all you can. The usual baddies as far as diet that you might consider eliminating are sugar, dairy and wheat.

Supplements that may help are vitamin c, zinc and magnesium. I have already given recipes for Fire Vinegar and Elderberry syrup both of which can be used to keep you healthy, and dosage increased if you do become ill.

This is the family cough mixture for coughs that get onto your chest, or make you feel chilly, perhaps even a sore throat.

20 mls thyme tincture
20 mls coltsfoot tincture
20 mls elecampane tincture
10 mls licorice tincture

Warm double the quantity of raw, local honey only just enough so that you can easily stir in the tinctures. Mix well and bottle. Take a teaspoon three times a day.

Easy peasy!