Covid-19 : Are we all in the same boat?

All in the same boatI keep reading articles stating that we’re all in the same boat. But we’re not are we? Some are in huge ocean liners, luxurious and not given to much battering by the waves. Other boats are less sea-worthy and are severely buffeted by the winds. Then there are others that are sinking. It seems to me that it would be more accurate to say we’re all in the same storm – the size and condition of the boat you’re in will determine survival.

Anyone who is self employed, doing work from home that puts you in close physical contact with clients, there has been no income for six weeks. I’m thinking specifically of Mizan therapists, but there are many others too.

Some of us are able to transfer other skills to online work, but you can’t do a massage over Zoom.

If your boat is in reasonable condition, staying afloat, and you know of a self employed person who is no longer able to work, ask yourself if there is something you can do. Perhaps they selling products online? Are they offering any online services? Could you pay in advance against a future treatment?

Who do you want to see survive this crisis – the big multi-national corporations or the people who live in and contribute to your own local community?

We all need your support. We need to support each other whenever possible.