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Balqis Hindash Mizan Practitioner Dubai

Balqis Hindash

Balqis Hindash

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My name is Balqis Hindash, I am a Mizan Therapy Womb practitioner, herbalist, and Earth grid worker.
I have been on a journey back to my womb since I experienced an awakening in 2018. I have gentle approaches and a lot of patience, hoping to encourage women to lead empowered lives from their power center through womb consciousness. I love working with the inherent intelligence of the body and believe that medicine we need is already within us. I also love discovering ways in which plant allies and medicine can assist us in healing. I am an empath with a deep love and reverence for nature, creation energy, and the feminine mysteries.

It’s an honour to walk this path and be of service healing one womb at a time.

I am based mainly in Dubai, but also in Skopje, Macedonia and Amman, Jordan. I am an English, Arabic and Serbo/Croatian speaker.

I would love to connect with you.

Much love and peace



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