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Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor, Mizan Practitioner, MaltonWomb blessings, I’m Claire.

I originally met Bushra when I undertook my doula training some time ago; the universe brought us back together early 2018 so I could train as a Mizan practitioner. My womb journey now enables me to help others, as well as myself.

It’s really hard for me to express through virtual words exactly what I do and how I do it, because every client is unique and every session is a magical journey. Whilst I perform Mizan in it’s truest form (as trained) I find my role is to facilitate the wider spiritual healing of my clients.

It feels right for me to incorporate the healing practise of Mizan within retreats and ceremonies.

Please feel free to contact me anytime.

Mobile: 07973617621
Website: www.allfourcorners.uk/womb-retreat

Courses completed:
Mizan Practitioner
13 Mizan Moons


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