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Esther Fernandez-Arias

Esther Fernandez-Arias

Mizan Practitioner
Pregnancy and Post Natal Practitioner
Mizan 13 Moons


I moved to Scotland 7 years ago to volunteer in an organic farm in the Highlands. Living surrounded by nature and feeling Mother Earth rhythms every day connected me with my own body rhythms and I discovered that my healing path was through my womb space and making peace with my menstrual cycles and my feminine power.

I discovered Mizan at the beginning of my doula journey and finally in 2017, I  trained as a practitioner and also as a pregnancy and postantal Mizan practitioner. It has been a gift and an immense tool to bring my body into her natural balance and relax my womb, allowing creativity and life energy to flow in much more freedom along my body, and connect my womb, my mind and my soul as a whole.

I feel blessed to offer my hands as a tool for those women who want to bring their body into balance, improve their fertility, connect with their menstrual cycles and/or experience the flow of the creative energy that is sometimes slept in our root chakra, our sexual organs.

Mizan Therapy is now the core of my personal and professional project, Shakti Womb, from where I work to integrate in a holistic way different aspects of womanhood, including menstruation, conception, birth, motherhood, self-care and networking.

Phone: 0743 699 2323
Website: www.shaktiwomb.com


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