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Felicia Sokol

Felicia Sokol

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Hi there🌺

My journey started out as a birth worker and a reiki practitioner. Working with my hands intuitively has been strong in my path. My deep call to birth work started with knowing that our bodies, as women, are innately knowledgeable and intuitive. After having attended and supported dozens of women and their partners on their way to becoming parents and expanding their families, I felt there was more ground to cover and discover. Empowering women in their bodies and spirit has always been my way, and after some years of birth work (and continuing), I felt the womb calling me to go deeper. I was brought to Mizan and it was like a bell was ringing. I knew this is the answer, the missing link in much of today's modern women's health. So many problems could be solved if people knew of this technique and modality. I decided to learn it because I have full faith in it. I've seen it work, on myself and on others. With many years of experience in birth and reiki, I have a natural way to work with the body. I am sensitive to people's traumas and I'm used to listening and holding space for very intimate subjects. I hope we can work together.


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