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Hannah Walton

Hannah Walton

Mizan Practitioner
Pregnancy and Post Natal Practitioner
Mizan 13 Moons


Hi/ Asalam alaikum. My name is Hannah.

As well as a Mizan Therapist, I am also a fully trained Hijama Therapist and organise ladies only retreats, events and sporting activities.

I first came across Mizan Therapy when looking for help with my own female health issues. Mizan balanced my cycles and helped my fertility journey. After having a direct impact on my own health and wellbeing, I took the course so I could provide it to others.

With my holistic approach to women's physical and emotional health and wellbeing, I like to perform Mizan Therapy to inspire and empower women to take back control of their holistic health and bring balance back through the reproductive healing techniques and self-care.

Mizan addresses many reproductive imbalances from menstruation to menopause . It can help with fertility, pregnancy, infections, weak bladder, emotional and physical scarring, digestive complaints, pelvic conditions, fibroids, cysts, PCOS, endometriosis and sexual problems.

I work from home and provide Mizan Therapy on weekdays, some evenings and also some weekends. It’s possible for me to travel out to 2 or more clients depending on distance.

For bookings and enquiries contact me on 07500 116103
Website: femrevive.com


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