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Laura Williams

Laura Williams

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I’ve had an interest in alternative health since being a teenager. I’ve always had a clear understanding of how important it is to approach health and the environment as nature intended…organically and holistically. Back in 2003 I opened a business undertaking massage, reiki and specialising in organic skincare.

Through my therapies I came across many women with a variety of health issues that doctors couldn’t help with. From bad skin to joint pain, painful feet to headaches, back pain, and painful menstrual cycles…the list goes on. All these symptoms can stem from a misaligned womb.

When I had my first baby in 2016, this is when I really started to connect with my womb space. Over the next few years I had two more babies and a miscarriage, this is when I started my own learning and research into my pelvic bowl, i.e. uterus. I then came across Mizan therapy and booked onto the course straight away.

Everything I learnt through Mizan made sense and took me back to the many clients I had seen over the years that could have been suffering from symptoms of a tilted uterus.

I am newly qualified as of October 2023. I’m working on setting up a peaceful space, just outside Chipping in the Ribble Valley, 20 minutes from the M6. I aim to be open soon. The space is next to a beautiful woodland and stream, so you are able to connect with nature as well as your womb space. Here I will hold workshops and therapies for mind, body, soul and womb.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Laura Williams


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