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Nicola Lonsdale

Nicola Lonsdale

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Nicola trained as a Mizan practitioner in April 2019. She came across Mizan a year earlier, having looked into it for peri-menopause and fatigue. She attended a workshop in Manchester, led by a Mizan sister and was taught self-massage and connected with a group of like-minded women. She was hooked.

It got her thinking of how beneficial this would have been in her early womanhood and particularly after two traumatic births resulting in severe post- natal illness. Nicola was aware of how Mizan can help bring about positive change in reproductive, physical and emotional health.

Nicola is passionate about womens’ health and throughout the last few years has made many changes to her own practice and lifestyle in order to work with women.

Particular areas of interest are menopause, fertility and gut issues.

Nicola is also a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional therapist and systemic therapist.

Nicola practices in Leeds.

Phone : 07725090692

Facebook :  www.facebook.com/elitehealthme

Instagram :  www.instagram.com/nicola_lonsdale/


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