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Rehilah Hamid

Rehilah Hamid

Rehilah Hamid

Mizan Practitioner


SimplyBreathe & Innerworks is a safe space created for you to return back to your true authentic self!
through a deeply profound Breathwork practice, along with Abdomen and WombCare Therapy (Mizan).
Both these these healing modalities compliment each other in a fundamental way. The Breath releases suppressed emotions from the the metaphysical body and the Abdomen and WombCare Therapy (Mizan) release the emotions from the physical body thus enabling inner peace, restoration and balance.

The society we live in, is fast paced, technology driven, competitive, and goal orientated. We end up being consumed with this and don't take the time to enjoy the present moment and the journey of achieving and allowing the path to unfold.

As humans we put our own needs aside to caretake for others or people please to fit into a society that rejects colour, gender and race. By doing this we disconnect from our own SELF and this is where our first TRAUMATIC experience begins!

Website: https://www.simplyinnerworks.co.uk





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