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Sarah Marsden, Nottingham

Sarah Marsden

Sarah Marsden

Mizan Practitioner
Pregnancy and Post Natal Practitioner
Mizan 13 Moons

Sarah trained as a Mizan Practitioner in April 2019 and went on to complete the Pregnancy and Post Natal training in May 2019 after coming across Mizan Therapy three years prior and thinking how beneficial it would have been for her in her teenage years and into early womanhood with the reproductive issues that she suffered with.  After finally attending a Wombspace workshop following the birth of her third child, Sarah was hooked on Mizan and how it could bring about positive changes in reproductive, digestive and emotional health.

Sarah is passionate about women's physical and emotional health, and this has been a real focus of her life for the last 9 years.  Particular areas of interest are reproductive conditions such as endometriosis and fertility issues given her own personal history.

As well as being a Mizan Practitioner, Sarah is also a trained Doula, Emotional Health Coach and is working towards becoming a Nutritional Therapist.  It is her desire to care for women in a holistic fashion combining her various skills with Mizan Therapy sessions as and when it is appropriate to bring about balance and restoration in women's lives.

Sarah works in and around the Nottinghamshire area.

Website: www.sacredbeginnings.co.uk



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