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Tayba Azim, Leeds

Tayba Azim

Tayba Azim

Mizan Practitioner


I came across Mizan nearly 3 years ago, appreciating the therapy from a personal perspective as I was already conscious of the importance of women looking after their wombs. The importance of caring for your womb, the knowledge and wisdom behind it was passed down from my father. Although, I appreciated what was passed on in terms of what to take and what to avoid during menstruation to the kind of things necessary during pregnancy and post pregnancy, I also took it for granted. Training in Mizan helped me to understand and apply theory to practice better- it joined the dots and added to the little bit that I was already exposed to and aware of. Mizan training and working with clients has been one of the most life changing experiences for me as I am fully conscious that although very physical/ physiological issues need to be addressed there is often a lot of emotional baggage that impact on the body too and where talking may not help some individuals Mizan helps release the emotional issues.

I already knew the amazing benefits of it as a loved one had Mizan treatment when all else failed. I had recommended it to her before I had started training myself. I had also decided it was time for me to train to apply what I would be taught to another loved one who was in the early years of her menstrual cycle. Her periods left her in tears and unable to come out of bed. The motivation of helping her and my own hormonal issues that started end of 2018 meant that I was ready to embark on the Mizan journey. Not only was it personal but the bigger factor was that I knew Mizan would compliment the trauma informed work and my journey as a trainee counsellor/ psychotherapist. Since the training I’ve not looked back as it has been so rewarding seeing the life -changing difference it has made to so many so far.

My work looks at all aspects of the human being, working holistically with mind, body and soul bringing balance and peace. I am also a registered REWIND Trauma Practitioner, as well as training as an Integrative Counsellor and Licensed Islamic Counselling Practitioner.

I am a Leeds based Mizan therapist.

Website: www.nurturingheartandwomb.com

Phone: 07960 424547





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