Grief Ritual and Womb Blessing

4 pm to 6 pm (UK)

Sunday 26th November 2023


Thank you for booking. We hope that this can be a small contribution to peace, by gathering women together in solidarity. Healing ourselves, healing others.

We will start with a womb clearing, followed by a mini grief ritual and finish with a womb blessing.

What you need for the womb clearing and grief ritual:

1. A safe space where you won’t be disturbed and you can really let go. No interruptions from outside and no restrictions in sound(ing) and movement.

2. Water

3. Some pillows: one for crying, shouting into (in case you can’t go full force with voicing) and one for beating up the floor/couch whatever is there. Padding, such as a yoga mat on the floor, so you can go into literally “throwing a fit” on it.

4. A candle representing your anger/fear/resentment/grief.

For the womb blessing:

1. A warm blanket or shawl to wrap around you.

2. You may choose also to have a candle.


Thank you for having the courage to work for change.