Healing Perspective on Pain

Healing perspective on pain

When we experience acute or chronic illness, recurrent patterns of emotional hardship, trauma, or dysfunction, we often want to know ‘why?’ At the same time, we may harbour a secret belief that somehow we’ve brought this on ourselves, by something we’ve done, or by some earlier life trauma that can never be erased.

The typical approach to illness and pain, whether mental or physical, aims to reduce, mask, or remove the symptoms. Many of us are left feeling irrevocably flawed, and impossibly damaged. In the worst cases, we can end up trapped in a cycle of pain and hopelessness.

What happens when we shift our perspective from cure to healing? In this podcast, Mizan therapist and Shamanic healer Rebecca Wright shares her insight into how approaching our problems from a healing perspective can change how we view the painful challenges in our lives.

If you’d like to know more about Rebecca’s work, visit her website http://www.rebalancingwoman.com

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