The energetics of PCOS

The energetics of PCOS

What are the energetics of PCOS?

Energetics PCOS


The short answer is, every woman is different. So, we’ll talk in generalities….

PCOS is due to hormonal imbalance and flow, a blockage; they are a problem of cold and dampness. This blockage can be either physical (biological) or energetic (spiritual). Sometimes PCOS runs in families. However, it does not have a genetic basis, but is more likely a cellular memory passed to you when you were an egg in your mother. And then your mother was an egg in her mother, and so on which means that traumatic events can be passed down through generations. Women may have a pre-disposition to PCOS, but it is not set in stone. It is perfectly possible to reframe that cellular response and reprogramme your cells into a different belief.

Sometimes, reproductive dis-ease is rooted in a woman’s body image, her view of herself, how she feels about being a woman, a general lack of comfort with her femaleness. We live in a society that doesn’t value women, our cycles, our patterns of energy with a resulting rise of menstrual disorders. Pain, for instance, is the womb crying out for some positive attention.

Women have become disconnected with our wombs, with our cyclical nature. We no longer hold the knowledge of the ebb and flow of energy, of the accompanying rise and fall of our emotions; our changing needs during each part of the cycle, or how that may be different in winter or summer.

We carry unresolved emotions in our wombs. The more we ignore our feminine cycles, the more we try to compete in a patriarchal world on male terms, the more our wombs cry out – pain, irregular cycles, endometriosis, PCOS, fertility issues, uterine cancer…. women are not allowed to be themselves, not allowed to birth our own innate being, to express ourselves in all our feminine wonder, in whatever form that takes.

Treating menstrual dis-ease with allopathic medicine seeks to deal with the symptoms and not the cause. The effect is an improvement in the short-term with an eventual re-emergence of symptoms over time. Accepting the cycle, living within its energies, honouring the flow is to work towards true female wellness and strength.