Is Mizan training available online?

I am frequently asked if Mizan practitioner training is available as an online course. a lot, even more so since the lockdown. 

Mizan is not simply learning a series of massage techniques but an immersive five day experience. This is why Mizan trainings are residential, and why we cannot offer it online.

To offer Mizan to your clients, you need to have first explored your own womb healing in an authentic way. When a group of women come together to learn, eat, sleep and play together, magic happens. None of this can be taught online, and to do so would be to lose the essence of what Mizan is, for practitioners and clients.

The experience of Mizan training  enables practitioners to understand the depths and possibilities of womb work, and for many it has proved to be life-changing.

We understand that it can be frustrating if it is difficult for you to travel to a training, to find the time, the childcare. Hard as it feels, perhaps this is simply not the right time for you, but if it’s truly what you want, patience will bring your reward. Those who have waited have been glad they did, and this is from a sister comparing non-residential and residential. It would be impossible to repeat this experience online!

“Thank you for the wonderful experience at the tree. I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to re-attend the Mizan practitioner training. Although my first experience  was a non residential trip in 2017, and I gained so much, the residential is on a completely different level!

From the location, the wonderful company of the amazing ladies, yummy vegetarian dishes, the 360 degree view all the way around the Tree, the list is endless! but to sum it up it was like a full mind body soul reset option! I’m so grateful that I contacted you last minute and came on board!

I would greatly recommend all who wish to take the Mizan practitioner training to attend the residential training. I am certain they will not regret it!

For days after the training I was feeling homesick! I wanted to go back to the tree.. I’m so glad the group created the wats ap group, so we were able to share our feelings, and amazingly we were all feeling the same way!

Your vision of creating sisterhood in our communities is happening through Mizan … thank you ❤️

Bushra looks forward to welcome you onto Mizan practitioner training soon.