What to expect at your first appointment

What to expect at your first Mizan appointment? By Jay Kelly, Mizan Practitioner, Harrogate Here is a little guide as to what you may experience at your first session with a Mizan Practitioner. Most first appointments take the best part of 2 hours, sometimes more. You may have already filled in your client intake/information form, and will go through it … Read More

Don’t ask

  I work with a lot of women who are struggling with fertility. It can be difficult to appreciate the impact on a woman’s life. Sometimes the issue is with her, other times with her husband. I saw a client yesterday. She has been trying to conceive her second child for 6 years. That is 12 cycles a year for … Read More

Magnesium and hormones

Articles about magnesium deficiency are everywhere and more of us are becoming aware that it is a real possibility for us. I have read articles that as many as 90% of us may be magnesium deficient. No wonder there are increasing numbers of women who are subject to hormonal disruption, since magnesium and hormones are so linked.    Why is … Read More

I Opted Out Of Surgery: Here Are 7 Things I Did For My Endometriosis Instead

This article is by Mizan practitioner Gemma Barry and first appeared on Mind Body Green here. Endometriosis changed my life…for the better It may be hard to believe this statement, but hear me out. I was diagnosed with endometriosis last year—along with adenomyosis, fibroids, and an ovarian cyst. And I want to say this now: Endo is awful. It sucks how … Read More

Miscarriage and healing

Miscarriage unfolds differently for each of us. One day you were pregnant, then you weren’t. You have an empty womb, and your arms will be empty when the time comes that your baby would have been born. Responses are individual: relief, devastation, grief, anger, depression, disbelief, numbness, guilt…. there is not one, correct way to walk this path. You will … Read More

Adenomyosis Awareness Month

April is Adenomyosis Awareness month. Never heard of adenomyosis? Not surprising, it’s even less spoken about than endometriosis. Adenomyosis is also often misdiagnosed as endometriosis because the symptoms are so similar. But where endometriosis is where the lining of the womb migrates into the body, with adenomysosis it grows into the muscle of the womb. There’s a very negative message … Read More


I support independent midwives. I support private midwives. I support NHS midwives. I support doulas. I support women who choose any of the above to share their birthing journey. I support women who choose none of the above to share their birthing journey. Let us support each other. I believe that women want the best for their birth and for … Read More

The energetics of PCOS

The energetics of PCOS

What are the energetics of PCOS?   The short answer is, every woman is different. So, we’ll talk in generalities…. PCOS is due to hormonal imbalance and flow, a blockage; they are a problem of cold and dampness. This blockage can be either physical (biological) or energetic (spiritual). Sometimes PCOS runs in families. However, it does not have a genetic … Read More