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Many of the Mizan practitioners have been reporting disruptions to menstrual cycles since March 2020. Some women who were regular have become irregular, some are experiencing heavier bleeds, often with clots. Others have not seen any change. We have decided to carry out a survey to try and assess the effects that having Covid and vaccinations may have had on … Read More

Is Mizan training available online?

I am frequently asked if Mizan practitioner training is available as an online course. a lot, even more so since the lockdown.  Mizan is not simply learning a series of massage techniques but an immersive five day experience. This is why Mizan trainings are residential, and why we cannot offer it online. To offer Mizan to your clients, you need … Read More

Sperm as a factor in miscarriage

Sperm as a factor in miscarriages Even though men contribute half the genetic material, they are often left out of the picture once a pregnancy occurs. So if the pregnancy comes to an early end with miscarriage or recurrent pregnancy loss, the focus is mainly on the woman. Carrying a baby to term is thought of as a female issue, … Read More

End to tampon tax is not an end to period poverty

There’s still more work needed to period poverty For most of us, menstruation is a monthly event. For some of you it may pass by without much thought, for others it may be the herald of discomfort; it may be a blessing or a trial. But there are some women for whom menstruation is a complicated event because they cannot … Read More

Covid-19 : Are we all in the same boat?

I keep reading articles stating that we’re all in the same boat. But we’re not are we? Some are in huge ocean liners, luxurious and not given to much battering by the waves. Other boats are less sea-worthy and are severely buffeted by the winds. Then there are others that are sinking. It seems to me that it would be … Read More

Cough mixture

It’s worth remembering in these uncertain and panicky times that there are still normal coughs and colds around. Not all flu is the c-word. The best way to protect yourself from any bugs that are going the rounds is to boost your immune system: lots of rest, good food and plenty of fluids. Stress and anxiety definitely lower the body’s … Read More

What’s your best price?

or……. Can you do it any cheaper? Any variation of this question chills me. The fee anyone who is self employed charges has to cover much more than the time or piece of work being paid for. I understand that hard times can fall on any of us at any time and I honestly sympathise and will do my best. … Read More

What is Mizan Therapy?

Probably all traditional healing systems, from all over the world, have a form of womb healing massage. Mizan is based on these ancient techniques, seamlessly blending traditional practices with modern knowledge and understanding. Traditions In the past, the traditional method of transmission would have been from mother to daughter, aunt to niece, or a similar woman to woman passing of … Read More

The importance of menstruation for girls

More and more teenage girls are being given the pill, not for contraceptive purposes but for such issues as irregular or heavy periods and acne. It may seem like a good solution, but in reality it is creating the possibility of much worse health problems later in life. Menarche, when a girl starts menstruating – is the start of their … Read More

Beat those winter chills

Have you ever tried fire vinegar? Autumn is nearly here, which means a slew of coughs, colds, viral and bacterial infections. In our household we have two tried and tested home made remedies – fire vinegar (also called fire cider) and elderberry syrup (a recipe for which I posted last week). Both can be drunk daily in hot water to help … Read More