What is Mizan Therapy?

Probably all traditional healing systems, from all over the world, have a form of womb healing massage. Mizan is based on these ancient techniques, seamlessly blending traditional practices with modern knowledge and understanding. Traditions In the past, the traditional method of transmission would have been from mother to daughter, aunt to niece, or a similar woman to woman passing of … Read More

The importance of menstruation for girls

More and more teenage girls are being given the pill, not for contraceptive purposes but for such issues as irregular or heavy periods and acne. It may seem like a good solution, but in reality it is creating the possibility of much worse health problems later in life. Menarche, when a girl starts menstruating – is the start of their … Read More

Beat those winter chills

Have you ever tried fire vinegar? Autumn is nearly here, which means a slew of coughs, colds, viral and bacterial infections. In our household we have two tried and tested home made remedies – fire vinegar (also called fire cider) and elderberry syrup (a recipe for which I posted last week). Both can be drunk daily in hot water to help … Read More

Elderberry syrup – a great anti-viral

How to Make Elderberry Syrup With the summer days rapidly becoming shorter, and a distinct feel of the impending autumn in the air, it’s time to make elderberry syrup again, which is a must-have in any natural cold and flu medicine cabinet. Elderberry syrup because very popular after a study showed it was able to inhibit the H1N1 virus1. It … Read More

How to do a castor oil pack

A short video on how to best do a castor oil pack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaEeIw08TkA&t=7s And if you’re now feeling inspired, you can purchase all you need here https://www.mizantherapy.com/product/castor-oil-pack/

IUDs and Women’s Health

IUDs and Women’s Health I’ve been advocating for women’s choice for many years, supporting women’s autonomy to make the decisions that are right for them, at that moment in time. But it’s important to have as much information as possible to make truly informed choices. Here’s the low-down on IUDs that your contraceptive provider probably won’t tell you. If you … Read More

Improve your egg quality in three months

Improve your egg quality in three months   It’s important to prepare your body before trying to conceive. It takes around 90 days for eggs to come to maturity, so that seems like a good time to set aside to improve the health of your ovaries and eggs. When you have an internal clock clicking in your head it can … Read More

Emotional Armour

I saw a client this morning, her sixth visit. She came initially because she was trying to get pregnant, but she had no menstrual cycles. After three treatments her cycles regular. Then there was an unavoidable long break. By the time she saw me again, she hadn’t menstruated for two months. And it has taken us another three months to … Read More

Enhance your fertility

How to enhance your chances of pregnancy Whenever I’m working on fertility enhancement, the first thing I ask of clients is that they use contraception for three months! You’ll want me to explain…. Say you’re wanting to grow some beautiful flowers and someone offers you a piece of ground. This bit of land hasn’t been used to grow anything for … Read More