Will the adult please stand up?

Will the adult please stand up?

Will the adult please stand up? Or, some thoughts on ageing. The male family members were otherwise engaged, so there was just myself and my daughters sitting down to dinner. Which gave us a good opportunity for some girl talk. There’s less mother and daughter stuff now, as they are both young women, so it was a chance for some … Read More

Why you should wrap your womb

Why you should wrap your womb Whatever you call it – womb wrapping, belly binding, the faja (Spanish for belt, or girdle), supporting the womb by tying a piece of fabric around the lower abdomen is a great way to support womb healing. I’ve had a few questions about it, so here are some thoughts on why, when and how … Read More

8 tips to help with IBS

IBS can be difficult to diagnose because of the wide and often conflicting range of symptoms experienced. For example, some with IBS will have constipation, others will have diarrhoea and yet others will see saw between the two extremes. Although both men and women suffer with IBS, it is more common in the female population. It’s estimated that as high … Read More

Healing Perspective on Pain

Healing perspective on pain

When we experience acute or chronic illness, recurrent patterns of emotional hardship, trauma, or dysfunction, we often want to know ‘why?’ At the same time, we may harbour a secret belief that somehow we’ve brought this on ourselves, by something we’ve done, or by some earlier life trauma that can never be erased. The typical approach to illness and pain, … Read More

Yoni steaming – traditional reproductive healing

You want me to do what?? Yoni steam, vaginal steam, v-steam…. call it what you will, but this is a common response when I suggest to clients that they try it. And almost to a woman, they return and tell me how great it was, how much they enjoyed it, how they’re looking forward to doing it again, how nourishing … Read More


There are a number of different types of prolapse, depending on which organ is affected. Uterine prolapse When the ligaments supporting the uterus become flaccid and loosen, the uterus bulges downwards. This is a uterine prolapse. Those who suffer from uterine prolapse often report a sensation of dragging, heaviness or pulling in the pelvis, with a feeling of “sitting on … Read More

Should companies have a period policy?

Is a “period policy” a good thing? A Bristol company has a created a “period policy”. On the face of it, this has got to be a good thing, right? But actually, I’m still trying to decide how I feel about it. A period policy that is put in place simply to enable women to take a few days off … Read More

Five positives of the menopause

I thought I’d share some thoughts on the menopause. This is the time when our periods cease. It heralds a new phase of life, a time of personal growth and freedom – that is if we can approach it with positivity, instead of the sense of dread that seems to prevail. Do you know that there are some cultures that … Read More

10 signs your womb may be tilted

10 signs your womb may be tilted

Your womb is at your centre – physically as well as being the source of your creative force, both for making and growing babies as well as bringing forth your passions into the world. Her optimum position is a delicate balance where she can perform her monthly dance with grace and ease. When she falls and trips, losing herself and … Read More

Castor oil packs

Healing with castor oil packs

Healing with castor oil Whenever I suggest castor oil to clients, I see the same – horrified – expression on their faces… So, let’s clear this up right from the start – I am not going to ask you to drink it, but rather use it as an external pack for healing. Phew! Castor oil has been used therapeutically for … Read More